After downloading The Glam Express App in the App or Google Play Stores, you can select your appointment and service. Our vetted, licensed and insured stylist will arrive to your destination with all tools needed to create a beautiful look. Our partner stylists are in Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. We will arrive on time and render the services. We will inform you of the estimated time of service completion. Like Uber and other on demand apps, you will be charged an automatic 20% tip to the card on file. So no need for cash tips or using your card after the service.  Your hair type and texture may increase or decrease this service time. We request that children do not touch tools as they may be sharp, hot and dangerous. We hold no responsibility for such accidents.



Congratulations on your purchase of Celebrity Trusted, Glam Luxe luxury hair extensions! To keep your extensions, natural hair and your installation looking fabulous, please follow these care instructions. 

Use only paraben and sulfate free products. We strongly recommend using Glam Luxe EXTENSIONS hair care line to extend the longevity of your hair. These products are exclusively designed to care for your Extensions while also protecting and nourishing your natural hair. Sleep in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase to keep your extensions and natural hair healthy. Chemicals, color and heat can be used on the extensions hair, but be aware that chemicals, color, excessive heat and styling can be damaging and will reduce the longevity of the Extensions hair just as it does with your own natural hair. We will not refund damaged hair extensions that have been chemically altered or treated.

Do not comb or brush extensions hair while wet. Never sleep with wet hair extensions. Brush hair with an extensions brush daily. Never use any products containing oil, alcohol or ethanol to ensure that you do not damage the hair or the adhesive. Do not flat iron the tape on the tape extensions. DO not apply conditioner to your scalp; come to a professional as often as possible for hair maintenance. Use a heat protectant spray when using heat on the extensions. Use clarifying shampoo before you have tape in extensions installed. Only have your hair professionally colored to the extensions are not damaged. See your stylist every 6-10 weeks for tightening and reapplication.

Tightness of the scalp is normal for the first week and will gradually loosen each day. A Sew In Installation is a protective style for your natural hair but do not neglect your natural leave out hair. Protect your natural leave out hair by keeping it moisturized and go easy on the heat to avoid natural hair breakage. wash hair once per week and make sure to thoroughly dry your braids by sitting under a hooded dryer. If braids do not completely dry it may cause your hair to produce an unpleasant odor. Sew In Installations should be removed and re installed every 2-3 months. your natural hair sheds daily so after the hair is taken out of the braids you will see 2-3 months of natural shedding. do not be alarmed as this natural shedding is completely normal.

Clip in hair is the most versatile option of extensions as you can take them out and put them in as much as you wish. We recommend you do not leave Clip Ins in longer than 3- 5 days to avoid possible tangling with your natural hair.  Wash and condition your clip in hair (while unattached to your natural hair) once per week with Glam Luxe EXTENSIONS Hair Care line. Let air dry. With proper care your Clip Ins can last 1-3 years.

Be sure to wet your hair before entering into the pool and also make sure to fully wash and condition post swimming to remove the chlorine and other chemicals which can cause damage to your hair. Be sure to fully dry your hair, preferably under a hooded dryer post swimming to ensure there is no mold or mildewed growth in your hair. You can absolutely swim with extensions, just be sure to properly cleanse, condition and dry post swim.